The House Always Wins. Whether you hit a big bet and double down on the next game or whether you think you’re “hot” in the heat of the glorious betting moment, bettors should be aware that Vegas always knows better than you. So what about that capper who touts ​locks​ and ​guaranteed wins? ​Well, they are what we call ​bullshitters​ over here at questionable lock because – at the end of the day – there is no such thing as a ​lock​. Sure maybe one week you just ​know​ the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna blow out the lowly Miami Dolphins, but you never truly know. Vegas knows though and below are too recent games to prove it.

SMU v Memphis Saturday, 10/3
Odds: SMU -2 (-122) | Memphis +2 (+102) O/U74.5 Final Score: SMU 30-27 Memphis

While a low scoring second half proved crucial for under bettors, the Vegas oracles absolutely crushed this game line. Leading 17-3 at the end of the first, SMU looked unstoppable against No.25 ranked Memphis. With live bets hovering around +11.5 for Memphis, this game looked all but locked as moneyline and spread betters rejoiced. However the “free money” jubilee quickly turned to anxiety for SMU betters as Memphis scored 17 points in the second, closing the gap of SMU’s lead to 24-20 by halftime. Tying the game in the third, Memphis looked to complete the comeback but missed several opportunities in the fourth. With minutes remaining, SMU secured a late Memphis fumble and kicked a game-winning field goal to secure the victory. Vegas’s magicians proved spot-on yet again in a lesson to all bettors that these betting wizs ultimately know more about the game than any capper will ever know.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears Thursday, 10/8
Odds: TB -3.5 (-185) | CHI +3.5 (+155) O/U44.5 Final Score: Chicago 20-19 Tampa Bay

While this line moved significantly from a -5 to a -3.5 point spread favorite for the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Bucs, the underdog Bears took care of business on Thursday night. The public was all over the Bucs in this primetime quarterback Super Bowl LII rematch between the Bear’s Nick Foles and the Buc’s Tom Brady. With both quarterbacks sporting new jerseys this year, the Bucs seemed poised to take this game after blanking the Bears 13-0 with only 2 minutes remaining in the first half. The Bears ended up scoring two touchdowns with 1:48 seconds left, leading the Bucs 14-13 by halftime. The Bears rode this momentum to a 20-19 victory against a more-talented team and sportsbooks around the country knocked out the public favorites once again.

With these two games above, just know that when you bet there is no such thing as a​ lock. Every bet is questionable at best, so why not get your betting picks for free here at ​​

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Carson Marsh