Even after leaving Auburn, former linebacker Deshaun Davis still isn’t afraid to speak up. That was the case once again Sunday.

Davis was just one of several former and current Tigers to react to the news that Gus Malzahn had been fired as head coach after eight seasons at the helm of the program.

“I’ll keep my response to a minimum when I say this. But, Gus is actually a GOOD coach,” Davis wrote on social media. “Of course he has his ways but I’ve PERSONALLY seen him look in the mirror and make adjustments. It wasn’t ALL him. You will see that in the near future. Best of luck to him and forever WDE.”

Davis was one of several Tigers who shared their thoughts after Malzahn’s tenure at Auburn officially came to an end. Some of the players had a lot to share; others seemed almost speechless.

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix has pointed out multiple times this season how Malzahn has been there for him during the ups and the downs in his two years with the Tigers. Nix made sure to commend his head coach with a social media post Sunday night after Malzahn’s firing.

“Thank you for believing in your players and giving all of us a chance to live out our goals and dreams. You are a great representation of an Auburn man, and it was an honor to play under your leadership!” Nix wrote. “The Lord has used you to influence the lives of so many, and your relationship with him has been on full display.

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