Congratulations on making it through another Monday, but let’s be honest, if you could get through Sunday night’s game between the Cowboys and Eagles, you can survive anything. However, I have to warn you that your time dealing with the NFC East isn’t over yet. Tonight you’re going to have to watch the New York Giants, but thankfully after that, there are no other possible stress-inducing events left on the calendar this week!

Seriously, though, can we please stop putting NFC East teams in primetime games? I understand that the division is home to the most popular team and the country’s largest television market, but isn’t 2020 a time when we could use as much joy and happiness in our lives as possible? Plus, aren’t television ratings for all sports down as it is?

So, why not steer into the skid? Let’s change up the schedules and get these teams off our televisions when there are no other games to watch! Any game featuring an NFC East team should be confined to a 1 p.m. ET start for the rest of the season. I swear, even if the Cowboys aren’t playing on Sunday or Monday night, people will still watch. And, while we’re at it, next Monday we’re supposed to get the Patriots and Jets on Monday night. The Jets shouldn’t be allowed in primetime, either. Let’s move any other game there while there’s still time.

From CBS Sports