With such a short time between the end of last season and the start of 2020-21 campaign, there were some concerns about how the Los Angeles Lakers would come out at the beginning of the year.

In particular, there were rumblings about whether or not head coach Frank Vogel would sit LeBron James in order to ensure he would be properly rested for the stretch of the season and into the playoffs.

The idea made sense as James is entering his 18th NBA season and wasn’t able to get the rest in the offseason that he would normally be afforded. Add in the fact that the Lakers added a lot of depth, and LeBron sitting out some early season games almost seemed like an inevitability.

But it has been the opposite as James has yet to miss a game, though he is averaging a career low in minutes. But for LeBron it’s all about keeping a rhythm and staying sharp mentally.

“I continue to take care of my body and mind to be able to endure whatever the case may be,” James explained.

“Obviously the short layoff, the 71 days between us finishing and having to get back going, it definitely put a monkey wrench into my usual regiment of resting my body and then getting back and going hardcore on my training. I didn’t really have that opportunity to kind of shut down my body and then go and revamp my body and get ready for the season.

“There just wasn’t enough time. It’s a fine line now with how much we push, how much rest and also stay in good rhythm. Myself and my time, we have built so much great rhythm in the bubble that we want to try to continue that as much as we can.

“For me, it’s always about having my mind and my body fresh. If my mind is sharp, then I can go out and do whatever I need to on the floor. If it’s not, then it hurts not only myself but our team.”

From LakersNation.com