Oklahoma goes down, Mike Leach is back, and the college football Saturday we didn’t know we needed
The schedule says the 2020 college football season officially kicked off three weeks ago, and the announcements from the Big Ten, Pac-12 and others suggest the sport won’t be at full capacity for another month or more, but all of that is wrong. College football season began Saturday.

What do we truly love about this game? Name it. Any image you dreamed of during this long, winding, stress-filled offseason — it happened Saturday

We give you Kansas State, erasing a 21-point deficit and shocking No. 3 Oklahoma for the second consecutive season
Need one of those “only in college football” storylines to root for? There is now a reasonable case to be made that Elijah Moore’s decision to mimic a dog urinating in the end zone late in last season’s Egg Bowl represented a tear in the space-time continuum, some alternate universe where a pirate (Mike Leach) and a Stanford quarterback (K.J. Costello) move to Starkville, Mississippi, and upend the league by topping the defending champs.